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    Mark C

    I wondered how you know when your membership in the Hat Brats is up? I’d like to know when & where to renew. Thank you!

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    Lee W

    I need the same information … no where to find out when my membership expires or how to renew.. Please let me know
    thank you Lee

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    Hi Mark & Lee –

    You will be notified when your membership expires. As soon as you log into the fan club website, you will receive a message prompting you to renew. If you would like to know the specific date, please send us an email at info@terriclark.com concerning your account and we will get back to you right away.


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    I was wondering where my tshirt was, I just became a member of Terri’s fan club and have not received anything yet.
    Eileen Nadon

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    Amy M

    I have the same question as Eileen. I became a member on 3/16/14. Also, I bought 2 CFO tickets. Will I receive those at the door at Tootsie’s or will they get sent to my home?

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    Amy M

    My auto correct is on it was supposed to say fan club party tickets lol

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    Mary H

    I have no info for where the tickets for Hat Brat Party are going to be. I joined at time of ticket order, check cleared ??

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    Back on April 11th, it was announced that Meet & Greets were now available for TC’s Sparks, NV show. I submitted my request for that show about 5 hours after it was posted on Facebook. My question is this: Can I submit my request only once or can I submit a request more than once (like 10 times for example)? Just wondering…and hoping I get a M&G pass. I cherish those photos with TC so much! She is wonderful!

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